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I under stand the process of tuning ignition timing relative to using a dyno. But hiw do we do this without a Dyno. And is it better to adjust ignition timing first or fuel delivery first?

G'day Jon.

If you don't have a dyno, road tuning is going to be your best option. We've got a course on this, and it has a couple of great worked examples.

Key info though: You wont be able to completely optimise your ignition tuning on the road without the torque feedback of a dyno. You can tune up till your knock limit, but this point might be past your peak torque. It's still possible to do an excellent job though, and have a crisp responding engine. You might be leaving a little power on the table, but you'll get close to the results you'd achieve on a dyno.

Usually tuning the fuel and ignition is a back and forth process, but when you're just starting out, it can be easier to dial the fueling in before tackling the timing. However, you need to have conservative, but sensible values in the timing table, as if you're too far retarded in the timing the exhaust gas temperatures will be really high.

What's the engine / car / combo?

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