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What if I don't have a dyno is there any other technique for reaching MBT without dyno ?

What is the engine and vehicle?

Honda cpr 600 engine for formula student racing team

Rent time on a dyno. As an engineering student you should learn that engineering requires the proper tools to measure the result. The proper tool is a load bearing dynamometer (chassis or engine)

I would have suggested copying an ignition map from a stock vehicle (it still could be a good starting point), but the severely restricted Formula Student engines will likely require something else.

Unfortunately there's no dyno in my country i know that Load bearing dyno is the proper tool but it's not available also I understand what's the circumstances of wrong ignition map blown engine or bad performance that's why I'm confused about how to do it without a dyno

If you have no way of measuring torque then unfortunately you're stuck as that is what you require in order to accurately find MBT. Your other option is in cylinder pressure monitoring but this is prohibitively expensive. You could try using virtual dyno software but I've yet to have great results personally with this technique.

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