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so my factory ecu (gm ls) uses a sequential setup where each injector is controlled on its own. I converted a factory factory harness, to where it seems its a batch fire system. each side is hooked into one power, which would explain why I have one cylinder on each side seems to not be getting as much fuel as the others. is this a big problem? will I not be able to tune it now?

I'm not sure I understand? Have you converted to an aftermarket ECU that uses batch fire? Batch fire shouldn't cause one cylinder on each bank to run lean though. The advantages of sequential are more relevant at low rpm and idle and there's less importance under WOT and high rpm.

No sir, I'm using the factory ecu. But instead of each injector having its own power, each bank is powered together.. and I just totally realized, are injectors on an ls controlled by the ground switching? So it wouldn't matter if bank one shared a power and bank two shared a power, since the ecu controls them through the ground? And off topic but thank you so much! Been learning a lot from your course about tuning.

Injectors are controlled by ground pulsing, common power is normal.

Awesome! Thank you very much

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