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how would you work out or arrive at VE of a 13B rotary???

VE for a rotary is really no different than a piston engine - It's the ratio between the swept volume of the engine and the volume of air the engine consumes during an engine cycle.

With a rotary engine the operation is essentially like a 2 stroke - Each rotor has three combustion 'chambers' and the rotor rotates at 1/3 of the eccentric shaft rpm meaning we have one combustion event per 360 deg rather than 720 deg like a piston engine. I've never really delved into the 'swept volume' calculation for a rotary engine though to be honest.

ohhhh!!!!! but thats the engine i have in my FD and its got an Apexi Power FC,i'v gone single turbo (t04z T70 front an .84 ar backend) with 50mm wastegate with 10psi spring.I never tuned before so i decided to use this course to tune my own car.Yesssss i need help with my series6 13b plzzz

You don't specifically need to know the VE of the engine to tune it using a PFC (or any ECU for that matter). It's a case of measuring the AFR in the exhaust, comparing it to your target and then making changes to the fuel delivery table in the PFC to achieve your target.

I will add some caution that tuning a turbocharged rotary engine is probably what i would call an advanced job and isn't necessarily the ideal place to start learning. While you can certainly achieve a great result, rotary engines are very fragile and can be easily damaged if you're not careful or make a mistake.