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This may have been mentioned before but there's a slight mistake with the mentioned formula that you used in your example. Shouldn't it read V = (3.142/4) * (bore*bore) * stroke? Your example missed the division of Pi which explains why I kept getting 201.08 as my answer.

There should be no division of Pi.

To work out volume, let's start with calculating the area of a circle.

Area is calculated by Pi x radius^2...(the ^2 means squared)...and the radius is half of the diameter. The diameter is the bore in this case, so radius would be 2 inches

So the area for that example would be Pi x 2^2 = 12.5675

Volume is simply area multiplied by the height of the cylinder (the stroke) volume = 12.5675 x 4 = 50.27

Where they did make a mistake, however, is when they filled in the numbers for the equation and put r^2 as 4^ should be 2^2