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Volumetric efficiency and RPM

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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Is there a relation between VE and RPM? The higher the rpm, the better/worser the VE?

The closer relationship is VE and Torque, you should be able to overlay the Torque curve on the VE table and they'll match. This also means that the VE will drop off at higher engine speeds, as the torque drops.

Thank your for your answer, but I'm more interested in the air part. As an engine is an air pump, does it pump more or less air as rpm increases, so does VE increase or decrease at higher rpm, or doesn't it matter at all.

Found a quote on the net that VE never changes!

Efficiency drops, but inlet mass flow increases. The efficiency table follows the torque curve, and inlet mass flow follows the power curve.

I have attached a screen capture of logging off a ramp run on my car showing this.

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