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Waste spark

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My tuner has set up my engine as waste spark he has put 4 instead of 8 in the setup mode of my m84. I run a trigger system through my distributer and I have coils for each spark plug. Is this right.

Can you post either the tune file or a screen shot of the main setup page from the M84 please?

I don't no how to post the tune file so I did a screen shot.

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The M84 as well as the M800 only has 6 Ignition outputs, so you have to wire the ignition for wasted spark unless you have the Ignition Expander.

In the set up page it ask if you have 8 coils enter 8 in the set up. Why do motec do this?

Because an ignition expander allows 8 coils. You set this on the "Ignition Type" field right above the number of coils (General Setup->Ignition->Setup). If you have an expander (or CDI-8), then the IGN will be 100 (or 130 if more than 8 coils). F1 is your friend -- look at all the help for each field, there is lots of information to be found in there.

Note the first line of the help for COIL says "Number of ignition outputs used." From the wiring diagram (Help->Topics->Wiring->M84 Wiring Diagram), you can see that there are only 6 ignition outputs available.

Ok thanks