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Water To Air Intercooler IAT Placement

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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After watching this chapter. I’m wondering where the IAT sense or would be placed with a water to air intercooler. Due to the fact that the air gets cooled almost directly before it goes into the engine?

You want to measure the air temp the engine is actually using. So either in the manifold (post throttle), or in the air piping (pre-throttle and post intercooler).

Often people want to measure the intercooler effectiveness, and will measure the air temp for logging purposes on both sides of the intercooler.

Ah, he wasn't too clear what he was thinking of with the question - I read it as a charge cooler built into the intake after the throttle body, and there are other installation variations.

As you say, I would expect the best place to measure it would be as close to the engine as practical. I'd try and avoid placement between an external charge cooler and throttle body because the pressure drop across the 'body, especially at part throttle, may affect the temperature of the air entering the engine's manifold. It'd be cool to have pressure and temperature sensors at different points, though, for testing and monitoring - especially across the charge cooler(s).