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What is the best practice to tune Acceleration Enrichment

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Hi Andre

I have watched this AE video for 3-4 times but still don't know how to apply it in real tuning. Can you please advise:

- Common pattern of AE (e.g. xx% fuel added at acceleration change rate yy%)

- steps to tune AE (e.g. try & error or some other method)

Many thanks


the idea of AE is to add enough fuel to take away a stumble but not too much that it loses power and or operates when it is not needed.

when the throttle is opened introducing more air at a slower airspeed than a steady part throttle position does, (LIKE CRUISING ) the low airspeed but more air volume creates a sudden lean spot, so increasing the AE after tuning is needed until the point you don't have a stumble and also you will notice a minimal change to the afr when its correct,

so a little trial and error is part of this tuning process