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When to change from 360 Slot to different trigger disc on CA18DET?

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Im running an CA18DET in my Nissan 200 SX S13 Europe LHD, around 1.3 bar boost and 630cc injectors,

switched to Ecumaster Classic two years ago.

Atm no problems, but i would be interested at which power lvl or any different state reached, it would be better to change to a

different style trigger disc, and which one u would recommend. Still no crankshaft sensor.

As i havent been on a dyno yet, still road tuning, i dont know where my power lvl is atm.

Kind regards from Austria and thanks in advance

You have a couple of reasons to change your Trigger Disc (or system...)

The main reason you have to change the disc in your CAS : Your ECU can't interpret the signal : AEM ECUs like V1 and V2 (no idea about Infinity...) couldn't read the 1deg signal from the OEM disc, so you had to change it for a 24 Slots)

If you are looking only for a CAS disc, the AEM one is pretty inexpensive and does the job. But in my experience, ECU Master seems to deal pretty well with the OEM CAS Disc.

The reason why you would like to change to a crank trigger system is for the accuracy. Having a trigger that reads only from the cam is that it doesn't account for the stretch in the timing belt (less stretch with a chain tho) at high loads, and particularly with the Nissan CAS, they sometimes becomes loose at the area where it is inserted in the camshaft. So you could have a "random" ignition timing drift of some degrees, which could end up pretty badly. You wouldn't fix these problems by replacing the Trigger Disc in your CAS.

It's a bit difficult to tell when you need to switch, there's no magic number in power rating that you would be the ideal point to make a switch. But you know, a crank trigger kit is also an investment to protect your engine and all your money you've put into it! I personally like the PRP Cam and Crank trigger kit.

In my opinion, at your power level (would say around 330whp on your setup), I would just keep the OEM CAS disc.

Hope it helps,


Hello Frank

Thanks for your fast response.

Im running this car (Nissan 200SX S13 1990) since over 10 years, and the last two with ecumaster.

before it was only tuned with an stage 2 chip, and there i had much problems with fuel consumption, since i switched to ecumaster its ok.

After the first year on ecumaster, i did an full engine bay rebuild, some rust was around, cleaned the engine and all with dry ice, and new paint,

and as i switched to ecumaster, i switched to bigger injectors because the standard ones where running on max dc, and coils to.

In future, i will go for forged internals, maxspeeding rods i got allready, not sure which pistons i will go for, but i have some friends done that,

so i have some informations there.

Im running the car as an daily in summer most in dry days, actually got 128.000 km on the clock, not drifting, its only an hobby, so my engine should stay realiable.

Atm im not thinking about more power, so i think there is no need of changing the CAS, but i understand now why to switch for an different one, or

using an crank sensor, and thanks for the tip with the trigger kit.

Greetings from Austria


I've got about the same setup on a customer car in the shop right now

but on a link ecu , but i have a massive timing drift at about 5K rpm

still need to put some more work in the car as it performs really bad (very knock limited due to the incorrect timing on some points in the runs)

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