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/16 or /32 Tefzel?

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I can't seem to find what is the most commonly used for engine harnesses between M22759/16 and M22759/32, I understand the differences between them and am leaning towards the /16 to get a better seal on factory connectors and hopefully won't have to pot them. Is it common to just stick to one size for an entire harness or to change between /16 and /32 for each connection required? Thank you.

Most I know use /32 just because it is smaller, lighter and less "stiff". You could shrink a small sleeve of SCL on the seal area if you need to increase OD for a specific seal, but I haven't run into that issue much. But /16 is perfectly fine if those arent your priorities.

If I'm concentric twisting and/or making a fully sealed harness and/or using Autosport connectors, then 110% use /32.

But when I'm making a harness for my buddies, and they just want to "keep it simple, and don't do the crazy wiring that I do for myself", I'll often use /16 for them. Partly because it'll seal better in OEM connectors. Also because those harnesses won't be protected as well, and will often have sections of the wire unprotected. So the thicker insulation is better against long term abrasion and stuff like that.

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