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1k pull up to SEN 5V A and B

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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What does 1k pull up to SEN 5V mean?

It means itis a Temperature input :)

This is done internally on the ecu, are you referring to a motec since I believe their pullups are 1k? Internally in the ecu, there is a 1k ohm resistor to the Temp input wire and the 5V output wire.

Thanks for the answer. Yes its a motec. how do you wire up a temp sensor such as an AIT? the reason for asking is i have an aem ait and it says to connect one wire to sensor 0v and the other to temp input. where does it get the 5v output from if its not connected to a 5v pin? Thanks again for the help.

That's the reason of the pullup resistor. The temp input wire on the motec is pulled up to the 5v via the resistor. Just put one side of the sensor to a 0v, and the other to the temp input and done. Polarity does not matter

I believe that you have an M130 as you only mention A and B, also be aware that you need to use the matching 0V pins for the sensors, So AT1 and AT2 use the A circuits internally, and AT3 and AT4 use the B. On a M150 the C circuit is used by the AT 5 and AT6 inputs.

The image that I have attached will hopefully make it clearer for you.

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BlackRex thanks a lot. AT1 pulls up to sens 5vA and AT2 pulls up to sens 5vB AT3 pulls up to sens 5vA and AT4 pulls up to sens 5vB. so would i use corresponding A and B sensor 0v? as you say AT1 and AT2 use sens 0vA , but AT 2 pulls up to sens 5vB where as AT1 pulls up to sens 5vA. would it be AT1 and AT3 use sensor 0vA and AT2 and AT4 use sensor 0vB? Thanks again.

Hi Luke,

AT1 & 2 use the A circuitry, and AT3 & 4 use the B circuitry. So for AT1 & 2, you connect to the 0VA pin, and AT3 & 4 connect to the 0VB pin.

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Hi BlackRex,

Thank you for your answer ill be sure to connect them to the correct sensor 0v. i appreciate all the help.

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