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1ZZ Coil Sub Harness

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi all, first time posting. I am currently working on making a 1ZZ coil sub harness for a 3SGTE. I believe I have all my wiring planned out but just wanted to run it by here to make sure it’s bullet proof.

I have the 4 trigger wires as 20AWG going to a 4 pin Deutsch DTM connector. The ground wires are 4 18AWG wires coming together with an open barrel crimp to a 12AWG wire which is grounded to the cylinder head via a ring terminal. The power wires are also 4 18AWGs coming into a 12AWG wire that is pinned into a Deutsch DTP connector.

Any insight on whether or not this will be a good setup would be very much appreciated

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