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2006-2015 Mazda MX5 ECU Connector Contacts

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I need some help identifying the make and particular contact Mazda uses for their ECU connectors. I’ve called multiple dealers and asked a few local shops with no success.

I’ve attached photos and can take more if needed.

thanks in advance!

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A few more

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Still have no luck finding these. Anywhere else I could post to find help on this?

I would work with Ballenger Motorsports to get the right terminals. They will want detailed dimensions of your existing terminals.

Here are terminals they have for the NA Miata ECU connectors, which look a lot like yours:



7283-4899-10 is the connector

Also try searching through terminals on Corsa Technic. You're most likely after Yazaki but often there is multiple makes for the same terminals/connectors


thank you.

where does that part number cross? Came up with nothing on Google, corsa, digikey, mouser and Yazaki. It looks like a Yazaki number but I can’t find it?

Ya know, I can't even recall where I stumbled upon that one lol.

Yazaki did a website refresh and there's still a lot of missing info on their older parts. They have little incentive to fix it so who knows if/when they will.

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