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28 AWG wires

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I've got a PCB board with leds for my dashboard lights (turn signals, warning lights, etc). This one here: Hawk Dashboard Warning Awway

It comes with a 28 awg pigtail. I'm not sure what's the best way to wire this into the car's harness I'm building. The wires are too small to pin into the normal range of connectors.

Any ideas?



splice them to larger wires using parallel splices?

I was wondering if there was a better alternative. Splicing 8 wires, even staggered, is going to make that harness branch pretty bulky. I might be over-thinking it.

Well, there is another technique you could try...

I sometimes add "filler wire" to the terminals if I'm using a small gauge wire, so when I wire a GPS receiver or Ethernet connection, I will put both a 22ga and the 26ga wire into a DTM #20 terminal. Crimp both together, and leave a couple of inches of the 22 ga wire after inserting into the DTM body, I will trim the 22ga wire to just extend from the wire seal.

Good luck!

Thanks David, I like this idea of filler wire. I'll try it out.