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Hello all. Which cam sensor do I use as home on a 2jzgte for the Haltech Elite 750? Thank you.

Is there not a stock sensor fitted to the engine?

Normally you'd use the front cam sensor. You can use either however this will affect the base timing which you can then correct in the software.

Using the rear resulted in a DTC of no home seen. Switching to front cleared the error. Now I'm not getting any spark and injector pulse getting rpm, fuel pump works on crank and Diagnostic page reporting rpm. Will double check if CKP was wired backward.

You've missed what Andre.Simon is referring to. The Ecu is preprogramed for a cams trigger edge in relation to crankshaft location. A term such as tdc offset would come to play in programming your preset configuration to whatever it is you desire or makes the most sense for the application at hand. Frequently you will see only rear sensors existing for the purpose of the "clean" look. Where as the front sensor, in this case, is the primary and the rear is dual purpose from Toyota. Using something such as a tdcoffset in your set up with a ever so basic(can't stress this enough)timing light in order to get cylinder one firing at tdc again in the setup for your calibration.

In short, both work perfectly fine. The reasons to use one or the other for the most part are personal anf'

Thank you TurtleTooned. In this case Timing light can't be used because no coil is firing when connected to either sensor. The Haltech shows no response to rpm signal other that switching on the fuel pump. tdc offset can't come into play if you're not firing.

Sure it can!!!!

1. Verify you have a tdc mark or create one if not.

2. Change TDC offset number by 30 degrees (usually a 0 to 719 degree wrap around) at a time until it fires. If you happen to skip past where the engine runs simply go back a few steps and increase by 10 or 15 degrees. I usually will do 50 degrees at a time until it pops and bangs then reduce to 10-15.

3. Lock timing to a visible mark on your balancer/cover that reasonable enough to idle on its own. Usually between 5-20deg and if thats not possible then your number is too far off, adjust as necessary or get a friend to work the throttle till you get it idling.

4. Set base timing using a inductive non adjustable tool.

5. Check for timing drift. This issue exist more often than not and knowing its existence or lack there of will make you a better tuner.

6. Unlock ECU and verify timing.

7. Make HPz's

Thank you for the information Turtle. So this could be why it's not firing at all? Hmmm. Going to get on this during the week and will update you guys in time. Thank you again.

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