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3 Pair Twisted Crankshaft Sensor is too close to CDI Coils

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Hi Guys;

This is the current setup that I am building, on design stage I focused on tucking every wire so I forget how 3 pair twisted crankshaft sensor and MW CDI-14 powered coils are too close. Actually I routed crankshaft sensor wire under spark plug cover.

Will there be any interference from coils to shielded wire ? This wire is solder sleeved at the ECU end with cam shaft sensor as well. And REF/SYNC has their dedicated 0 volt and 5 Volt source.

BTW I am going to DTM the original sensor loom and it is shown on the picture as well, yellow line is the sensor's OEM loom where white line is the shielded cable.

Loom on the right is the camshaft sensor as well.

Thank you !

The idea behind shielding wire is that it will reject noise and prevent interference from effecting the signal. Shielding on trigger inputs to the ECU is essential however I like to give the trigger inputs the best possible chance of doing their job well and hence I'll take care to make sure they are run away from the coil wiring wherever possible.

Put it this way - It's easier to rethink the layout during the wiring stage than to rewire the engine later on because you have triggering problems. I'm not saying you definitely will but it's still a possibility even with shielding on the wires.