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63/37 Solder

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I would suggest in the EFI Wiring fundamentals (and anywhere else it's mentioned) that you suggest 63/37 solder rather that 60/40. 63/37 does everything 60/40 does, but it has an fairly useful advantage. 63/37 transitions straight from a liquid state to a solid. 60/40 on the otherhand has an intermediate state during which if the joint is moved it will create a dry/cold solder joint. 63/37 does not go through this intermediate state and is therefore a lot less likely to create poor solder joints.

63/37 solder is really the current state of the art solder for electrical joints. If you go to your local hardware store for your solder, they are very unlikely to know this. So please start recommending this.

Actually, if you want even better, go for 632. has all the benefits of 63/37 but has 2% silver. Most modern electronic use lead free solder because of the health hazards associated with lead... but lead free solder is junk and usually has a higher melting point, making it easier to damage components when using it.

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