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80s/90s Toyota Cluster Connector Identification

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Hi Guys, can anyone ID these connectors?

They are cast with "ND" on them as they are for a Nippon-Denso manufactured instrument panel, but I suspect that the connectors themselves are manufactured by a company such as Yazaki Connectors or Sumitomo.

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G'day J C. Often with older connectors its really hard. They're not ones I recognise sorry. If you've got a bit of wire on them, you might be best to crimp the pigtail to your harness. They've likely been superseeded and are no longer produced :-(.

Thanks Zac, all I really wanted was to identify the connector so as I could start hunting for some new-old-stock terminals.

Say these are a Yazaki / whatever connector, any clue to where I might look for info on them? IE. Old catalogues/databases?

I hunted down some other Yazaki connectors and found they were not exclusively used by Toyota... Once I knew what I was looking for I found about 10 suppliers with thousands of NOS terminals and the cost was next to nothing apart from the 10hrs of online research it took me. :/

I'm just really stumped on these, totally bizarre connector - anything that stands out on them I might be able to google??

I even tried by terminal width/etc... ZzzzzZZZzzzz