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AC may used up in automabile engine?

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Some signals like map display or TV having cars, they use Ac source to get this analog image. Is there any means to convert DC of battery to Ac to those devices?

If you're asking how they can run 110/220VAC from a 12/24VDC vehicle electrical system, they use what is called an inverter.


You should be able to find one for your electrical voltages, mains frequency, and outlet design easily enough - if you have a problem, try chandlers (boat supply shops) or camping and caravan dealers, as they are commonly used with these craft.

If you mean something else, please explain further.

Thank you,

My question is not how to convert AC to DC or DC to AC. From car components like Tv screen need alternating electric source to operate. But, the only source for car is DC. Is there any component that change this in car. Please, tell me if I wrongly understood (no component exist in the car that need alternating current). Thank you again?

Gord has answered your question -- you will need an inverter if you want to power an AC device like a TV screen. Now, there are devices (like LCD Screens) designed to operate off of 12V DC as found in the car, you just need to source those.

Ah, we may have mis-understood his question, David.

I think what he is asking about is the dashboard displays that are in many modern vehicles, with his assumption being they need some sort of way to be running on the vehicle's 12V electrical system when he is more familiar with the 220VAC plug-in computers, laptops, tablets, etc?

Assefa, if that's correct, they are designed to work directly with the vehicle's electrical system, rather than being adapted from other devices - in some ways this is much easier as computer components actually run at 12VDC and 5VDC - normally these voltages are provided by the power supply, whether internal or external. Very recently there has been a move to having only 12VDC supplied to the computer/laptop motherboard (the bit everything is connected to), with the 5VDC coming from that. They will need excellent voltage regulation and ripple smoothing, but that's a minor issue.

Unfortunately, I doubt there's anyone who understands Amharic here who can better explain it to you, sorry. You write english well, but it's a tricky language to use sometimes.