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AC switch used as a digital input

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I am hoping to modify my AC and ECON switch to be digital inputs into my ECU, I dont exactly understand how it works so I think i will modify it to suit my needs. I am wondering if the diagram drawn will work? I am wanting to retain the functionality of the bulbs so I can know when the switch is turned on or off.

Can you splice into the wire between the bulb and the switches (basically where you say "unable to solder to the point")? That is the part of the circuit that will change from 12V to 0V when the switch is closed. Where you show the current connection will always measure 0V as it is connected to ground.

Your connections need to be on the bulb side of the switches to be useful, if the bulb is internal to the switches, perhaps there is another signal on the compressor that could be used? -- Is there anything in the OEM wiring that goes from the AC system to the ECU?

Thanks for your reply David, that helps make sense to me. Now I know that my method wont work I will need to figure out a way to get the wire onto that point where I mention I cant solder to - I assumed it shouldnt be soldered to, as the other points where wires have been soldered have a tab to hold the wire and solder together. I will talk to someone experienced with these kind of electronics and see how they suggest I get a reliable connection!

can you not use the OEM wiring and just cut\splice into it?

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