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Adding AFR sensor via CAN Bus?

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Hey guys,

I just watched the webinar on Adding Additional Sensors to Your ECU and had a question about adding an AFR Sensor via CAN Bus. At the end of the webinar it was mentioned a few sensors that you do not want to add via CAN Bus because of the delay, but there was no mention of a AFR Sensor. I'm wondering if I will run into an issue with one AFR ran to the ECU and a second ran through the CAN Bus on my LS3 motor.

Here's my situation. I want to go with an AEM Infinity Series 5 ECU for an LS3 with 58X Timing and there is only one on board AFR controller. I looked at the Series 7, which has 2 onboard controllers, but there is no plug and play harness for a 58X timing and I don't need all the additional sensor inputs and outputs the Series 7 offers. Here is what I will have. 1 AFR sensor managed by the ECU and 1 AFR connected to PN 20-0310 via CAN Bus and monitored by the ECU. This will allow me to monitor the left and right banks of cylinders in my LS3.

Do you think I will run into issues with they approach?

G'day Sean.

No, your approach should be fine. I didn't mention AFR sensors in that part because the canbus interfaces for them are typically really, really good. I was more talking about sensors the ECU needs to react to instantly, and the change is evident on the very next combusion event. Spark timing is really the only thing the ECU can completely accurately change in that timeframe, even if it injects more, or less fuel, the reservoir of fuel on the walls of the intake ports will muddy things for a couple of combustion cycles.


Thank you for the prompt and informative reply. I'm so glad we have a forum that we can reach out to real experts that are here to help guys like me. I'm very close to pulling the trigger on the AEM Series 5 and really looking forward to digging into this platform on my project car.


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