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Aem 3.5 bar external map sensor location

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good day, I'm in the process of installing my new external map sensor on an rb25det and was wondering where is the best position for it to be located;

in the engine bay vs in the car next to the ecu (passenger well). If it is installed in the car, it would utilise a long vaccumm line from the manifold. Is there any benefit of installing it closer to the intake manifold, and running a long electrical harness instead? I've heard all kinds of theories, so i just wanted some facts. thanks!!

G'day Arjesh.

We don't see any issues when we use plug-in ecus on RB applications, which have the map line run all the way to the ecu. However, given the choice, I'll mount an external map sensor in the engine bay and wire it back to the ECU. Its easier to run wires, as opposed to a MAP line :-).

ok sounds good, thanks alot!!!

What I was told in the past is try to hard mount it to something that is not the engine. To keep vibrations (harmonics) from possibly affecting the sensors readings. I normally run it to the firewall and attach to a bracket or for a cleaner look mount inside the cowl of certain cars like a 370z or GTR.