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Aem 506 on a 1.8t wiring

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I’m currently wiring the engine , all pin out are done , but I get a little confuse with crank, knock and cam sensor since I’m trying to use oem sensors ,

Crank diagram mark #1 CKP+. #2 CKP- and #3 shield Ground

knock diagram mark #1 KS Signal+. #2 KS Signal-. #3 shield ground

Cam mark #1 IGN+ #2 Ground #3 Control ecm/icm #4 ground

I’m not using any of factory harness so color code doesn’t apply in this build , my question is ground shield have to be connected to chassis? Also is 12v have to be conectes to this sensors or only 5v like aem sensors ,also 2 grounds on cam ? Any advice will be appreciated

I would connect the shields to chassis ground. I would use +12V Ignition switched power for the CAM sensor, but check the factory wiring diagram from the workshop manual to be sure.