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trying to figure out the best way to hook up AEM air/fuel gauge to my brz ecm so I can data log to the ecm when I start to road tune. I know I can hook up either analog +/-, canbus H/L or blue serial tx. witch way should I go. I don't believe there's extra analog ports, I could tap the canbus lines but I'm just not sure what's best and don't want to smoke a ecm or anything else

with the AEM I find the easiest and safest way is to grab the blue TX cable and make a simple 9pin Dsub connector that goes to you laptop. the parts can be grabbed at a radio shack or amazon for under 10$ each. most programs will allow inputs this way and makes it the easiest and safest way.

its been done for year in the evo and Subaru communities.

I dont believe my laptop has a dsub conection will have to look at home. Will ecutek let me data log this way. Cant i plug into the dtc connector and data log that way. Sorry to sound dumb, idk whybthis is confusing me so much.

You may need a serial to USB convertor if your laptop doesn't have one. Are you looking to log AFR directly to your laptop or in you ECU? If into the ECU, what ECU are you running?

For accuracy and fastest response time, CAN would be best but you wouldn't be able to send that directly to your laptop or stock ECU. Aftermarket ECU would allow you to though.

I was wanting to go straight to the ecu like Andre does in the worked example in practical reflashing on the gt86 with ecutek.

G'day Jonpwerner.

I havent used the ECUTek platform myself, but was just reading through some of their documentation to see if what you want to do is possible. Can you tell me if you've purchased the upgrade to the 'RaceROM BRZ' package?

From what I figure here, you'd need to connect the 0-5v output of your AEM wideband gauge to either the factory 'CPC Pressure Sensor voltage' or 'Rear O2 sensor voltage' pins, and then define a custom map that would let you scale this input to a lambda valve. You could then log this input within the ECUTek software, along with the rest of the parameters you're after.

Having a quick look at what Andre's done when he's tuning the GT86, He's using an innovate wideband controller, which the ECUTek software can read data from directly over the USB connection to the laptop, it's not actually going through the vehicle ECU at all. This method will only work with innovate products.

Have a read here:

And you'll see what I mean I'm pretty sure.

Also, page 49 of their ProECU BRX/GT86/FRS Tuning Guide has a little more information.

Perfect thats what i was looking for confirmation on was thinming that was how to do it but wasnt 100% sure. One other question i have. My BRZ seems to be in limp mode right now not letting me rev over 4000 rpm. I deleted the MAF and im just running speed density with ecutek, i had a iat and maf code because that is pulled and they are combined in one. I have my MAP scalled and idleing pretty well and seem to be running pretty alright over all but am stuck in a limp mode any pointers on this.

So i have every thing connected but not getting any input into the ecutek software also ot seems like the AEM wideband isnt putting out an analog voltage. I put a multi meter on the white wire from the AEM wideband witch is 0-5v output but it just zero