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Aem Infinity wiring k20z1

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hello everyone. Like the title says I have a k20z1 that I am wiring an Aem Infinity 708 to. I am a little confused on where to pin a few sensors into. The cam position. Crank position, variable cam, and vtec. If anyone could help me with this or have a diagram i would really appreciate it.

You checked the website? Saw some pinouts there

G'day Kyle. A quick google leads me to believe that your crank and cam sensors will be hall effect. The AEM ecu has dedicated pins for these.

Variable cam should be connected to an aux out that has a flyback diode, as you'll be driving it with a variable PWM signal.

vtec is simply on or off, so I would say you could drive it from almost any of the aux outputs.

This should help:

Thank you for the replies.

Shawn, yes I looked at the diagrams on aem’s website and figured out where a majority of my harness needs to be pinned. A few I was unclear about.

Zac, thanks for the info. This is my first harness I have built and I am realizing I jumped straight into the deep end.