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Affordable boot or potting for push buttons

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I'm planning to mount a series of push buttons and a rotary switch onto a steering wheel and would like the backs of them to be insulated, smooth and tidy looking. Most professional motorsport setups seem to use Raychem "25" boots, but from what I've found they are crazily expensive for a hobbyist (£10-20 each). Is there a more affordable solution, bearing in mind they won't be dealing with particularly harsh conditions? Could the backs be potted rather than booted, or is that a bad idea?

Hi there,

If it is for small buttons, look for heat shrink 3:1/4:1 it´s way cheaper it´s not the perfect solution but it could work and the price diference it´s huge.

Hope that it works for your.

You can use these relatively low-cost 90 deg boots:

I'm sure you can find those on your side of the pond.

No joy finding those so far, but I’m sure something similar will be available. Thank you.

They are a common boot for AMP LK-1, Bosch MiniTimer connections used for Injectors and Temp sensors. Also used with Packard 3-pin pressure sensor terminals.