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AIM data logging on PDM vs dash

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I have an old AIM MXL data logging dash and it works well enough. I am thinking about a new logging dash for another car and would probably go with AIM again just to keep the software (read user interface) the same, but wondering if I should go for a logging PDM and display instead.

The PDM and display includes logger functions and the cost is lower than a dedicated logging dash, which I don't really understand. Is the PDM a much inferior logger? Is the PDM display quite limited in terms of its functions?

The Aim PDM32 + 10" dash is the deal of the decade. Software is still in Beta after more than a year, but as you've noticed they are practically giving it away.

The ECUMaster ADU dash is worth look. The logging is as big as you like because it uses a USB memory stock to log and download.


How much is the Aim PDM / dash combo ?

PDM32 w/ 10" color dash - US$2400

Whats your experience with the PDM32 been David?

a friend bought one for a track spec turbo NB MX5 (miata) and apart from issues with PDM output tripping on start up its been positive (yet to see track but engine is running etc)

what are the pitfalls?

I've sold 3 or 4 of the Aim PDMs. Not all the projects are running yet, but I'm confident they will work, or any issues will be addressed by AiM's engineering team.

Does the AIM 10" display have many different page layout options? The AIM PDM documentation seems pretty weak on this aspect but a Google search suggests there are at least a few options that didn't seem to be available just a few months ago.

From the looks of it the ECUMaster would cost about the same as AIM, but with a smaller 7" display and 16 output PDM rather than 32. The configurability seems pretty good though.

The way to explore the AiM PDM capabilities is to download the Beta version of Race Studio 3, then create a new PDM configuration. Look under the CAN expansions or Display tab, and select the 10" display, then add pages -- that will show you the available layouts today.

Thanks David - that has given me a much clearer picture of the capabilities. What I had not initially understood was that I needed to hunt out the Beta version of Race Studio 3. Appreciate your help.

Some of AIM's documentation is a bit short on technical detail - I have been trying to find the logging frequency for the PDM's and I think it might be 500Hz, but I haven't found a proper AIM reference for that figure. The stand alone dash logs at 1000Hz. Either would be plenty for me.

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