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Aircraft style manual circuit breakers

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I'm looking for aircraft style manual push/pull circuit breakers. Please may I have your recommendations guys?

What do you guys use in a pro-motorsport environment? There is a large range of price (and I assume quality) out there.

The Klixon 2TC2 series look to me to be the right kind of quality - vibration resistant, compact and light. These are around 20GBP each - any experience with these?

I've also seen Tyco options, at the cheaper end of the spectrum - are these of suitably robust build quality?

I've used truck versions. Older Ford Louisvilles used ones that just plugged into where the glass fuses went (these type reset themselves) and others had blade types with reset switches. I am currently wanting to move to all solid state fusing and looking into it (less physical wiring and more control over systems).

The Klixon ones are what I've used in motorsport applications before, they certainly are expensive, but their reliability makes them worth it.

I've used blade style replacement ones before as well, but not in motorsport applications, so I cant speak to their reliability unfortunately.

Thanks guys. This is for a historic sports prototype restoration and so it needs to look like the original hence the desire for the aircraft style units.

Thanks for the input :)

Kirk at AVR performance was working on something similar for a historic application, have a browse through his facebook photos and you'll find a couple.


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