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Alternator Wiring For Honda F20C Engine Using MoTeC M130

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi everyone,

I just start to learn build my own wiring harness.

How to configure alternator wiring from Honda's F20C engine using MoTeC M130 ?

I attached oem wiring configuration from F20C engine.

Any help really highly appreciate.

Attached Files

I would probably connect a Half-Bridge output to the FR (White/Red) that normally connects to the oem ECM. First, I would understand how the ECM controls that signal - either factory workshop manual, or connecting an oscilloscope to the signal and observing the behavior.

Most of the Honda alternators work fine without the ECU connection. The FR signal was just used to lower the alternator charge voltage when certain cruise conditions where met - presumably for economy. It just makes tuning more difficult with the batt voltage changing all the time so most dont use it.

I see, thanks for the advises.

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