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Anyone that would sell a few meters of 16gauge black txl wire?

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Hi guys,

I have a small extension harness to build for my car's ignition system and i'm desperately looking for a few meters (5-10 would be awesome of 16ga txl wire (black prefered but any color really) ) to build it. I can't find it here in europe and when i try to order from the us the shiping prices are so high that i can't justify it (about $60 for 30 of wire..)

If you've got something that would be awesome!

Thank you very much,


G'day Nicolas.

You should be able to get something usable locally. Possibly it wont be TXL, but as long as it has a temperature rating of atleast 125degC, it will be fine to use. Just stay away from PVC insulated wiring.

TXL does seem harder to source in Europe. What is it about PVC insulated wiring that's so bad?

This is the datasheet for thin wall wire I've ordered in the past from autoelectricsupplies, it mentions the insulation is "Calcium Zinc based hard grade PVC insulation compound to meet requirements of ISO900-2000 Class B".

Is this really that bad?

Thanks for your answer :)

I finally found an ebay supplier that sells small quantities without crazy amounts of shipping... I'll keep you updated when i receive it! :)


Can you post a link to the eBay item please.