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Aptiv (Delphi) CMC connector tooling

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I'm looking for proper tooling for crimping the pins of an Aptiv CMC connector. This connector is suitable for GTS 0.64 and 1.5mm pins. In the datasheets they are mentioning to use the 33514306 and 33514360 crimping tools. The problem is, these are very hard to find. Someone can help me with maybe a tool which is functioning with these pins, and available in Europe?

Aptiv connectors are the same as Molex CMC. And Aptiv has the same crimp style terminals like Molex has.


So I can suggest you to purchase this universal crimping tool (link below). Personally I use this tool for crimping Molex terminals and get proper result.


Thank you! I will try this tool

Aptiv CMC connectors use different terminals from Molex CMC connectors. They are not physically interchangeable. We work with both brands. The Molex crimp tooling will not work on the Aptiv terminals.

Terminals are different but they both open barrel crimp style.

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