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Battery and alternator: Solid state load control

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I guess you could manage the batter and alternator with solid state relays as opposed to running the battery and alt together prior to going through a big isolator switch? I have been circuit breakers on the alt and on the battery before they merge and then go to my isolator. Would be nice to reduce the big/long wires with solid state control and could then have a few remote shut off switches (ext ones for marshals, engine bay switch, driver switch and one near in the aft.

G'day Robert. Yes, you could use a high-amp relay to switch your alternator output and avoid having to run it to your isolator switch. Solid state battery isolators deal with this by providing a logical output to tell the ECU to shut the engine down and get the alternator stopped, before disconnecting the battery... But they're still pretty pricey at this stage.