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battery grounded to chassis, good/bad?

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I just watched the Star Point Earthing Module. It brought up a question that I have on my car set up. the battery was relocated behind passenger. It is grounded to the chassis with a 4 AWG wire (18" long). I have 2 ground straps (2x4awg wires) from motor to chassis. I use the motor as the star for most of the system except fans, headlights, fuel pump, and some dash gauges (these are grounded to chassis). can you see any common paths in this set up? I don't ground anything by more than one wire. I haven't had any issues in the past. thanks for the help.

G'day Drew. By the sounds of things, you'll be fine. Having the parts of the EFI system that require real power (like the fuel pumps, cooling fans, headlights, etc) grounded to the chassis is usually not a problem, as if there is a small voltage offset, its not likely to cause you any issues.