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Battery Wire & Cable

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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*What’s the Difference Between Battery Cable ?

* What good for car race?

* What good sizes?

Color, flexibility, current capacity.

If high reliability, and good cranking even with a hot/inefficient starter are important, then the largest gauge you can handle weight wise is usually best. Keeping starter and battery close by will help save weight with on the battery cable.

Depending on engines, I like to use 1 or 2 gauge battery cable at a minimum.

As David said, the bigger and shorter the better - and don't overlook the ground/return from the engine to the battery.

What is the vehicle, and is it a standard or aftermarket starter?

Any suggestion on which type could be appreciated.


Oh, and also the insulation material and thickness.

Pietro, impossible say as there are so many variations in the requirements of the vehicles - the main ones being the current the starter will draw (it you have the "stall current" figure for the starter being used it's a good figure to use), the length(s) of the cable run(s), and the acceptable voltage drop in the cable(s) - the lower the better, within reason. Some small engines, with efficient starters and short cable runs may be fine with something a fraction of the cross-section of what a large engine, with a low efficiency starter, and rear mounted battery may need.

8 AWG is plenty to the starter motor / earth, them 14, 18, 22. will cover the rest. A couple of 50 A c -breakers

I hope that's a typo', Joe, 2 may be marginal for even a small engine - https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/wire-gauges-d_419.html

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