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Beginner wire joining query

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Real basic query but I didn't see it covered in the wiring fundamentals course (and I'm most of the way through it).

If I want to permanently join two single wires together (in my case a tail light socket that came with a pigtail), what's the professional way to do it? What product(s) are used? Obviously there are the basic electrical spades etc but I doubt they are used in motor sport wiring?

Do I use an open barrel crimp like in the splicing module or can I get closed barrel connectors like the Deutsche size 16 contacts that are suited for the purposed of connecting single wires together?

Appreciate any help



You use either an open or closed barrel crimp (your preference) for an inline permanent splice. Normally covered with adhesive lined heat shrink -- don't forget to slide the heat shrink over the wire before crimping!

If doing multiple wires, I usually stagger the lenths (by say 1/2 to 3/4") so that the bundle size of the wires (i.e. "the lump") is as small as possible. Key to doing this is to carefully measure the cuts in the wires on both sides.

Thanks mate, appreciate the guidance.

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