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Big battery and Hi AMP Alternator formula

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I have a doubt not covered in HPA classes. When going bigger AMP battery and Alternator route, what preventative measures can I take before i burn away my electronics.

Like when doing heavy electronics, cars regularly run out of battery and either wont start after a few sessions or will run out of power during runs to run all circuits. So there are higher amp batteries, i moved from 45 amp to 60 amp battery, and there are alternator kits as well. From 160 to 350 amp alternators mostly from LS and german cars that even have even 24 volt outputs. What is the formula here? I want to go bigger alternator route as my old battery always ran out of juice after few minutes of driving even after alternator kept charging, it was of no use primary reason being moving to more digital and electronic functions than manufacturer (Nissan) previously planned.

How to harness this correctly without frying expensive electronics like ECU and other sensors? Assuming a guy wants to keep the window open for many electronics to be added in future, water pump, multiple fuel pumps, electric fans and dbw for a start.

Significantly, In groups; i see people making wires that go To and fro alternator when doing EFI wiring and it wansn’t covered in any HPA course, why are those people fiddling with wires from the alternator in their ECU harness? What difference does it make in EFI system and why not send thru the PDM system? Am i seeing things wrong? Cant post on MWA group on Facebook as my Facebook wont work.

there is this as well a cool alternator maker in the US I believe will look great in many peoples projects and engine bay, they even make alternators for emergency vehicles like ambulances that run on heavy electronics and everything is CNC machined and powder coated for internet points, i will leave their website down below for those who may be keen.