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BMW E36 Connectors

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I have BMW E36 -92 that I'm rebuilding to a track car. A new harness is in the making, but I have found a few connectors that I can't seem to identify or know where to buy. (I know BMW sells them, but for an outrageous price for the amounts I need)

I know the first one is a AMP connector, but according to Mouser it is discontinued. (I have found a AMP number on one of them: 1-828736-1) It is no problem for me to re-use the connector housing but I would at least need to buy new terminals for it. Does anyone know where I can buy that?

I have no idea what the other connector is. It is used on stuff like fuel pump and fuel level sensor. It seems like the terminals itself are molded together with the wire. Does anyone know where I can get crimpable terminals?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Daniel,

I personally tend to move away from OEM connectors where possible for this very reason.. sourcing and costing of the items as well as any future replacements and adaptations.

Where possible for a track car due to vibration I would move towards putting in a more robust Deutsch connectors or similar. These can be found on as you mentioned Mouser as well as TE Connectivity. (TE also do a lot of OEM connectors and sometimes will do the connectors you want but wont be published as they are under contract with the OEM)

The unknown picture you have posted I believe the part number to be: 611 313 784 02

I also found this site for some of the part numbers and supply of connectors: https://www.pelicanparts.com/byb-genuine-bmw/c-electrical_c-switches-motors-relays-fuses-wiring_c-connectors

Another one for bmw's is this site which can give you the part numbers of any connectors etc: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partgrp?id=BG13-USA---E36-BMW-328i&mg=61

Hope this helps you out!


As Dave said, where possible use the Deutsch DT, DTM or DTP range but i would recommend investing in pair of DMC's (AF8 with the 3 way turret or AMF8 with separate positioner). If you do have to match a PCB header connector then Molex may be able to help.

Heya Guys,

Yeah, I'll go with aftermarket connectors where it is possible. But I can't do anything about most of the connectors. (like head/rear-light assemblies, door connectors, ignition, and so on)

Dave, thanks a lot for the Pelican Parts link! I managed to do some further research and at least found the pins for the AMP connectors! It is the 2,5mm round connector system. https://www.te.com/usa-en/product-CAT-R7602-T273.html

Tho, I really wanted to find the pins for the unknown connector. BMW sells them for $9 per pin and I need at minimum 14 om 'em...

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