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BMW M52 VANOS Solenoid Connection

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I'm connecting a BMW Cam Control Solenoid (VANOS) in an M52 (not the M52TU model) to a MoTec M130.

This is not a continuously variable cam control but a simple on/off arrangement. Kicks in over a certain RPM and stays on.

My question is what sort of ECU output suits best?

- Half Bridge - not suitable for permanently powered loads but lots of current headroom.

- Low Side Injector - suitable for permanently powered loads but needs an external recirculation diode

- Peak Hold Injector - seems suitable. Don't know if 2A rms is enough. 8A peak which - without any data to back me up - should be OK. Switchable recirculation diode.

- Low side ignition - Low current and need a diode.

I'm thinking Peak Hold Injector. Views for folk who have done this before?

Half bridge or PH Inj would be fine. The Vanos solenoid will be around 1A.

When they say "not suitable for permanently powered loads" - this just means the solenoid cant be connected to a voltage source that is "live" all the time. It needs to be powered only when the ECU is powered - i.e an ign switched supply.

Thanks Adam. That clarification about 'permanently powered' is really helpful. I interpreted that as it can't be 'on' for long periods (like 10s of seconds/minutes etc) but instead needs a PWM on/off switching multiple times per second.

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