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very new to this forum, and wiring as well. I have constructed a harness already several times for my sr20det with zero faults. I have just built another one for my 2jz gte vvti, and am having cam/crank sync issuses @6000rpm on my infinity8h. which is why I purchased this course. I'm hoping to learn were my electrical gremlins are and how to construct a harness for a street/weekend track car. Everything I've learned has been self taught. So hopefully some of the questions aren't to stupid. Im just trying to clarify of things, from the course so far, so is it better to have 1 large ground wire from chassis to block then multiple points? and for my shielded wire I'd connect the shielding to the sensor ground of the ecu and not the chassis or block?


G'day Robert.

Yes, to a single large ground point from the chassis to the block. The idea is that if that single connection fails, the entire system fails, and doesnt continue to run in an undefined way. If we know that is the way all our currents are getting back to the battery, we can size things properly. If there a multiple connections, and a couple fail here and there, the rest of them start carrying currents they werent sized for.

I connect the shield braids to a power ground pin of my ECU. Some ECU's have specific pins for connecting the shield braid to, and this may be a sensor ground pin. To be honest, either is likely fine, but I find a power ground pin easier to tap into usually.

Hi Zac.

Thanks for the reply. I dropped 3 of the 4 chassis to motor grounds for one large ground.. I kept one to my alternator still. if you suggest I get ride of that one as well please let me know. As for the shielded wire it's on my cam/crank sensors for my 2jz vvti, and I connected it to my sensor ground on my aem infinity, hopefully this is what you'd suggest. I'm also wondering if instead of doing a splice from 1 wire to 6 say for injectors or coils I chose to do a deutsch connector instead, would this cause problems with signal interference.?

thanks again for your time.