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boost solenoid

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when wiring a up a boost solenoid to a MoTec M130 which output should i use a half bridge or a spare Low Side injector? Thank You.


A low side injector should work just fine. I would save my half bridge outputs for controlling said devices, unless of course there won't be any such units installed. If no half bridge devices will find their way into your setup then you can use the half bridge outputs as well. Basically you are looking for an output which has the ability to send pulse width modulated instructions.

Thank you for the reply sardengineering. much appreciated.

The Low Side outputs are the better option for items like boost controllers over the HB, as the Low Side can be connected to permanently powered devices without having parasitic power drains when the ECU is off, whereas the HB outputs can allow for a power drain if the devices power is also not switched off at the same time as the M1. The constant load rating on the LS outputs is 2A, up to 3.5A max, I haven't seen any boost controllers that require anywhere near that amount of current to operate, so a HB, that can cope with 12A LS, and 9A HS is overkill in this usage. The output frequency on both types of LS drive is 20KHz, so the usual frequency requirements for a BCV will not be taxing the outputs either.

BlackRex thank you for the information also.

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