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Bosch DBW TB connector

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Anyone ever pin one of these and do you know how to take the green clip off? Does it need to be removed to seat the pin?? Having a hard time getting the pins in. THanks.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread too John, as while I've put in a few E-Throttle in the past, I havent played with an off the shelf bosch item. We've got one going into our SRZ project though, so will be good to get a heads up!

Sourcing the connectors is also not the easiest part.

Connectors you can source here (its in the UK but I am sure they will ship to Germany) - https://rrrshop.co.uk/electronic-throttle-body-connectors-75-c.asp

When I have done these in the past, I pushed the pins in then slid the tab (which is purple in that link above) across to lock the pins in place. It was quite fiddly to do.

At work we get quite a few WRX cars in and they all have the plug potted (as shown in my image) so maybe that's the preferred way in motorsport land to do this? (to avoid confusion, work is making exhaust manifolds and systems NOT anything wiring based)

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Yes, found that store. When I need some, I will order there. Only option anyways ;).

Bosch Motorsports has a pinout diagram for the different size TBs; note, they are not all the same. I will look at my Cayenne service manual as it has a Bosch DBW TB.

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