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Bosch VR Sensor With Nissan RB

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi. I brought a 24 -1 trigger disc and a bosch 0 261 210 147 reluctor sensor that i am wanting to fit to an RB26DETT. Regarding the sensor wiring, would i simply splice the ecu cas 1 and cas 2 signals together? (1 is engine position and 2 is engine speed) and earths also? setup is similar to an NZWiring kit. Thanks in advance.

The NZ Wiring kit is plug & play so there's no need to actually modify anything and hence I haven't delved into what changes are made. I can't see why you'd need to join the ref and sync wires to the VR output though since the 24-1 trigger wheel only requires one input at the ECU. You just need to configure the ECU to suit. You do need to be mindful of the polarity of the VR sensor though. That's about the only place you could come unstuck.

Thanks for your reply. The kit i have is sort of thrown together is based on the nzwiring kit, using the same sensor and trigger wheel but i need to wire it into the oem loom as it came with some sort of euro plug by the looks of it. Would i simply connect the sensor to trigger 1?

Yes, with all ECU's im aware of that can do sequential using just a single missing tooth cam wheel then you would connect the single sensor to the main "ref" input. Link call this Trigger 1, Motec call it Ref, Haltech call it trigger, some call it "crank", etc.

The second Trigger2/Sync/Home/Cam pin is not used.

Okay cool thanks. Am using a link g4+ plugin, guessing i set trigger 2 sync to "none" and leave it disconnected?

Correct, sync set to none.

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