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Bosch Wideband Knock Sensor Wiring with Haltech

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Tried searching for a clear answer but I have a question for wiring in the Bosch ks4-p knock sensor with a Haltech Elite and Haltechs premium wire harness

On the wiring diagram it has the single shielded knock wire shielding already connected to the sensor ground of the ECU. The sensor is the 2 pin style that does not ground through the body and needs a pin connected to the ground.

So my question: do I connect the shielding to the ground pin of the sensor or would it be better to run an individual sensor ground wire? Their harness has a separate sensor ground wire bundled with the knock wire but I was under the impression I was supposed to connect the the shielding to the sensor

I would not connect the shield at the sensor end, and use a dedicated dedicated ground wire. However it will probably work if you connect the shield to one of the sensor pins.

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