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Braided Sleeving a Heatshrink question

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Hey everyone,

I was looking at a IG video today of a guy building a harness. I have attached a screenshot of how he applies heat shrink and zip ties over his braided sleeving where the harness starts to branch out. I realize that when people use heat shrink they use the molded boots but this is braided sleeving. Can anyone shed some light as to whats going on under the heat shrink.

Whats the proper way to create these branches using braided sleeving.

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the heatshrink is holding the braid together from fraying and the zipties are to keep the legs of the branch from being pulled out of the heatshrink. not ideal.

The other way as you alluded to is to heatshrink the whole harness and use molded boots and is generally preferable but can be much more costly.

So is the idea is to slide the small size sleeves into a larger sleeve by an inch or so then use non adhesive lined shrink over that area?

For my first couple harness projects I'm going to use sleeving to save some cost while I'm learning. Just looking for good technique.

I think it's important to use adhesive-lined shrink tube. I purchase mine from Allied Electronics, I use the 3:1 shrinks for the backs of connectors and for junctions: This should be a list of some of the available products:


you probably don't need an inch of overlap, but that's the idea.

I would agree with David, these areas should have adhesive lined shrink.

Thanks guys. I really do appreciate the help. I was going to do a bulk buy on some sleeving and heatshrick. What sizes do you guys usually go through the most ??

Heat Shrink (Raychem DR-25): 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4". The bigger the size, the less I use. But it all depends on what you are wiring.

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