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Hi everyone. Firstly what an amazing course. Have been a mechanic who enjoys wiring for 20+ years. But this just changes my perspective on loom making. I deal alot with nissians. Mostly sr20s and rb engines.

Is there any where that sells dedicated replacment plug kits for full harness. Ie i take a stock loom and want to build a fresh one minus the unrequired units? Or can i just buy pins to replace into origonal plugs if plugs are in good enough condition.

Many thanks all phil @ xdr motors (uk)

Well It's not a dedicated replacement plug kit for a full harness if you are removing the "unrequired" units :P

The factory replacement plugs are quite expensive so you'd only want to buy what you actually need. (Which for an SR20 race car would be a fraction of the plugs actually used)

There are plenty of suppliers but I cannot comment on ones in the UK. In Aus I use EFI Hardware for my SR20, but Wiring Specialties (US) looks cheap and has more selection. They also build complete harnesses for you, to your own application and specs.

Pins by themselves are a bit harder to source unless it is a well-known connector. I haven't had much luck there and prefer to just buy new connectors with supplied pins. It might be worth contacting Wiring Specialties and see if they can help with part numbers in that area.