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Bit of a beginner question but hopefully someone can help me out

Doing some wiring on my track car and I need to make a can bus loom from my link g4+ ecu to my aim mxp dash but I know in the future I will adding additional can devises so I’m wondering if my diagram is how I would split off my can loom to add an addition branch/connector. I know the can loom needs to be twisted and I will be using DTM connectors on it but do I simply just splice into the loom and the create my new branch I’ve read online that the branch shouldn’t be more then 200mm from the main trunk/loom and that I will need to use a resistor on the unconnected branch

Any help would be appreciated cheers guys

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The easy way to plan for expansion, is to have a single CAN / Power connection at each end of the bus -- these have the termination resistor, or connect to devices that are internally terminated (like the AiM dash). Any intermediate device will have two connectors (one male / one female), if the device isn't more than 0.5m from the connectors, then you can just run one pair of wires to your device (i.e. like your splice shown), otherwise you run the CAN bus to the device from one connector, then splice near the device, and run the rest of the bus back to the other connector.

I include 12V power as most devices will need power.

Hope that helps.

Hi all

I have a haltech pro plug in with a Can wide band fitted to my gtst

I want to add GaugeART CAN gauge .

I know haltech sell a can hub, $100 + shipping

Has anyone just spliced in an extra device without using the hub on a haltech.

Thanks in advance