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EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I would like to know why the modules are so short and don't play continuously. I find it frustrating to the point I don't want to continue watching because of this.

Yeah, I agree with @Sk8keeper. It would really help keep everything going at a good pace.

After one video is done, give the person watching like 5 secs before it moves on to the next video, with an option to stop if they need to write something down/look something up.

+1 On that.

Yes the fact that they are broken up into such short videos is rather annoying. An auto play feature or similar would be nice or an option to view the material in one long video format would be nice.

G'day Guys.

This is a complaint we've gotten a few times, and I'm hearing it. The format for the next two courses (Practical, and Advanced Motorsport) has been adjusted to take it into account, so we're listening to what you have to say! We're also working on an 'auto-play' feature for the site where you will be able to have the videos play on from one another automatically.

My thoughts on breaking things up for this course were that for someone starting out with no electrical knowledge, it might be a bit much to take the information in if it was presented in longer videos, and it would be easier to find a snippet of information to re-watch when someone wanted to.


An autoplay or even playlist would be useful, but I think keeping the subject matter seperate is also important to make going back to look for a specific detail easier, maybe not so bad in the earlier sections but I don't want to wade through a heap of crimping stuff to find that one detail on booting, I imagine as the modules get more in depth the videos will be longer so wont be as much of an issue.

I think people are used to Youtube and Netflix autoplay these days, that's all.

Zooki - You're bang on the money there, the length of some of them is getting up there already!

Ray - I have a love/hate relationship with netflix's autoplay feature... Oh the new episode has started? well, just one more before bed then...

The best implementation of the auto play I've seen is after one video is done, it will sit there on the screen with a 5-10 sec count down. If you do nothing, it moves on to the next video.

This screen also has a "Stay Here" button to stop the count down and stay on this page, and a "Next Video" button if you are impatient and cannot wait the 5-10 seconds.

This also comes with a "User Selectable" option in their user preference of the site to disable autoplay all together. With all of these features, it covers all the wants of a user.

Also.... that sound at the end of every video...please make it stop :)

Hah! We had a long discussion about the 'bong' at the end of the videos, and ran some informal polls, they consensus was that it should stay... Maybe for the next course I'll just finish up the last sentence, then throw it in myself with a bit of kiwi accent? 'Booooooang'? ;-).

Ha, that would be awesome! Have fun with it.

OFF-TOPIC - This reminds of of a really awesome car build series from two guys in the UK putting an AWD Celica turbo motor into a Mini. Every time that they use this level to check on their body/weld work, they have to wait for the noise to they know it's level. Good times!


Zac, do you have an ETA for when the new motorsport wiring courses will be available? :)

Trey - I'm a huge project binky fanboy, my only complaint is the wait between videos, but with their content and quality, its worth it! Make the Noise!

Stian - Before the end of the year, or I'll probably get fired ;-).

+1 for Project Binky!

+1 for continuous videos / autoplay feature / playlist

What about offline viewing? Could that be a possiblity?

Looking forward to the end of the year then :-)

+1 for Autoplay videos,

But the gong in weird, dunno about it haha.

I do like that I can use the short videos as a quick reference, so I don't have to try and find 30 seconds of the info I want in a 15 minute video.

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