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Correct method of splicing multiple wires

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi Zac,

i was wondering if you could show correct methods of crimped splicing (power and grounds mainly) with open and closed barrel splice terminals for things such as coils, injectors, sensor grounds, etc., when you would use either open or closed barrel crimps and wire size selection for splicing.


Cheers Shane, I hope the video helps you out with what you need to know, let me know if there are any other questions.

There is a sheet that goes with the video too on splicing which I'll get up tomorrow :-).

Hi there, didnt want to start a new thread but ive seen the chart to work out the size of wire you need for splicing. But for injectors and coils where they are not all drawing the current at the same time how does one work this out ? half the total combined current draw ? :)

anyone ? :)

Just go up to the next wire size when you splice two intermittent signals (ignition / injectors). For a 4-cylinder engine, I use 20 awg for most coils / injectors, and then use 18 awg at a splice.

yeah if you want to get fancy you can calculate the max duty at your target max RPM and then see what size wire you need. Or just do what most of us do and run a 18 or 16 AWG wire and never think about it again.

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