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Below you will find the details to source the tools and materials we use throughout the course, everything is kept in the first post, but if you have any questions, or if any of the links break, shoot in a reply and we'll get it sorted :-).


Sargent 3187 / GM12085271

Mechanical advantage and stiff jaws make it ideal for brass open barrel splice crimps.

Where I bought mine?

Universal 16-30AWG Connector Terminal Open Barrel Crimp Tool

Good feel so you can apply as much, or as little pressure as you need, particularly on the second crimp stage on the wire insulation. My most often used crimp tool for connector terminals, in particular does a fantastic job on AMP Superseal 1.0 connector pins.

Where I bought mine?

Tool-Aid Master Terminal Service Kit

Includes the three sizes of closed barrel crimp tool for use with Deutsch DTP, DT and DTM connectors, these are a great connector that you’ll use a lot. Also includes two open barrel crimp tools. The red handled ones have similar size dies to the Sargent 3187, and doesn’t get used often. The blue handled ones have die sizes that are perfect for weatherpack terminals, bosch injector connector terminals, and most other terminals that include an integrated wire seal.

Where I bought mine?

Ideal Stripmaster 45-097

Really robust and reliable. Larger frame than their stripmaster lite range, but also much more affordable. The only reasonably priced wire stripper I’ve found that will reliably and safely strip small 26AWG wire.

Where I bought mine?

DEWALT D26962K Heatgun

Cheapest heat gun I’ve found with a settable temperature. The included case and nozzle attachments are a good touch too.

Where I bought mine?


Open Barrel Splices

1500 CMA and less of combined wire area: TE 62759-1

1500 to 5000 CMA of combined wire area: TE 63130-2

5000 to 10000 CMA of combined wire area: TE 62357-1

Best price and easiest company I have found to deal with for purchasing these is Putting those part number into the search bar will get you to the right pages. Element14 has different pages depending on where in the world you are, in the US for example its called Newark, so it will be best to search for those part numbers from your location.

Raychem SCL

Rigid shrinkable tube with a black potting compound inner wall. Excellent for harness branch sealing and support, and splice insulation. Most common sizes I use (the sizes specified are before shrinking) are 6mm (¼”) and 10mm (⅜”). Important to note is this heat shrink cannot be rolled onto a reel, and is generally only available in 1.2m (4’) straight lengths. I usually cut it up into more manageable sections for storage, as it’s only ever used for sealing and support, not a complete harness sheath. As above, I purchase this from Element14, and it will be best if you put the part numbers into their search bar at your location

6mm (¼”): SCL-1/4-STK

10mm (⅜”): SCL-3/8-STK

AMP Superseal 1.0 Connectors

Once again, you can also find these on Element14. The connector bodies are available in 26 and 34 pin options. Important to note is that for each pin number option, there are multiple key-way options, and you will need to confirm that the keying is right for the device you want to connect to. I’ve given the part numbers for the most common connector bodies I strike, but confirm the keying here:

26 Way connector body: 3-1437290-7

34 Way connector body: 4-1437290-0

Contact for use with 16-18AWG wire: 3-1447221-3

Contact for use with 20-22AWG wire: 3-1447221-4

TXL Wire

I purchase my TXL wire from Waytek Wire, as their shipping options to New Zealand were the best I could find. Outside of New Zealand I couldn’t guarantee this, so it may pay to shop around. A google search of ‘TXL wire’ will net you a few options.


A small list of the most useful wiring supply websites I use frequently, check our Community Wiring Accessory and Suppliers thread for more great links too.

Brilliant - this is exactly the kind of stuff that was missing from the first version of the course, so thank you for adding this all in Zac!

This is great! Thank you

Hi Zac,

I can't find in the list just the blue crimper. Could you post were to find it, the one that you use in the course for the metri pack connectors, the one to close the seals?

Thank you.

I got one from here, I have't received it yet but from the pics look the same

scroll down to Metri-Pack Crimp Tool